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Hackers Make a Fake Hand to Beat Vein Authentication

Security researchers disclosed new work at the Chaos Communication Congress showing how hackers can bypass vein based authentication

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Automation will be the end of banks as we know them

The unbundling of the bank has begun.

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Rozetka UA

Apple losses trigger a plunge in US markets

Apple capitalization decreased to $686.7 billion via open letter of Tim Cook to investors

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Facebook explains how it reviews content after critical...

The New York Times claimed Facebook’s rulebooks have “numerous gaps, biases and outright errors”

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3D-printed brake caliper ready for the road

Bugatti showed off the 3D-printed titanium brake caliper in action

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In 2020, Apple will release a smartphone with a "hole"...

The new Apple smartphone will not contain "monoblocks", instead the front camera will be placed directly in the display.

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