Brace Yourselves, a 'Super Blood Moon' Eclipse Is Coming in January

Brace Yourselves, a 'Super Blood Moon' Eclipse Is Coming in January

For the half of the planet fortunate enough to see it, it's a chance to see two fascinating spectacles combined in what's known as a 'super blood moon' eclipse (not a very scientific name, we'll get to that in a bit).

If you find yourself anywhere on the American continents, you're in for a real treat on January 20. So long as your skies are cloud free roughly 7:15 pm to 10:45 Pacific Time, you'll see an orange hue creep across the face of the full moon. 

Those in Western Europe and Africa should see at least some of the display with the rising or setting of the Moon. If you're in the Pacific over the date line, mark down January 21.

Not all of us have the patience to watch the entire 3.5 hour transformation, in which case simply step outside at about 9:15 pm PT (5:15 am UTC January 21) to see the climax.

If you're in Asia and Australasia, don't even think about complaining. You had your chance to see it this earlier this year. And it wasn't just a super blood moon then, either. It was a super blue blood moon.

Ignoring its Halloween-worthy title, the blood moon's sunset hues are caused by the scattering and refracting of sunlight through our atmosphere as the Moon passes through Earth's shadow during a total lunar eclipse.